Own it!!!

I looked in the mirror & sighed, I was all lumps, bumps & boobs. It seemed I had 3 chins & a tired look on my face

The bags underneath my eyes were looking so dark & obvious, there were extra wrinkles around my eyes

I lifted my arm, I swear it wobbled, like a flag of fat blowing in the breeze

My legs were looking like tree trunks, where had my ankles gone?

I had to just stop for a minute, hang on I said to myself, who are you? How strong are you? Are you a survivor?

Hell yes!! I said in my head, I have been through more then most.

Right, said a little voice inside my head, stop with the self depreciation, stop with the negative, the voice was getting louder, you are in control, take back your own self.

I closed my eyes. I took a deep breath, I slowly opened my eyes & looked in the mirror.

Look at you, you are strong, relsiliant. You are caring & loving, you are generous & talented.

So what if you have lumps & bumps, your body is your story.

Own your story.

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