The love of a lifetime – dedicated to a special family friend.

There are some people who meet in life who are just meant to be together, their energies mix together, with no thought at all

They meet sometimes when they are too young, too early to make a life long commitment

The love is strong, they do not realise this will stay with them, when they meet again their energy attaches to one another

She is soft, so beautiful, a slight accent can be heard, as generous with all she has, sometimes to a fault

She is light, comfort, a force of nature in his eyes, his future he can see the minute they meet again, his soul calling hers to come & be as one

He is a tall strapping man, she can’t help but to stare, she can feel the pull of 2 souls that should be together

He is her safety, her protector from the harshness of life, he will not let her struggle in her life she knows

Together they make a new life, blissful happiness can seem like a dream to so many, they have no struggle to live in blissful love

As life goes on, tragically the unexpected can happen, deaths in the family of younger ones, children who struggle to make it on their own

They know together they can get through all of the pain, together they know they are stronger, together they are one

Late in life our bodies do change, our health is not the same, bones broken are harder to heal, other ailments do appear these are sometimes harder to see

For 2 souls who are together as one, this can be heartbreaking to see

For him he hates to see her struggling with the simplest tasks, the every day occurrence not seeming so effortless now

For her, she is in awe, he stands by her, he lifts her up, he gives her a reason to make the effort, he gives her the strength she needs inside everyday

Life is such a fickle mistress, you never know what she will do next, but when you see 2 souls as 1, she can change things all she likes

There will be no breaking of these 2, they will stand strong, they will love each other in such a way, it is like breathing, no effort is needed, their love is pure, no darkness will seep in

The peace in their souls will not be disturbed, this kind of love is rare to see, it will last well beyond the length of life.

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