Magic of elements.

I tell you something, something secret, no one is really meant to know

Gnomes are magical, we can do all sorts of magic, we each have a skill with magic

We can change the elements, fire, wind, water & air quite lucky we are

I have a daughter called gnomez, now she is one of the blessed ones

She has the magic for all four, I have seen her do some incredible things

There was once a human boy, just a wee thing, he was climbing the tree

He was having such fun, all of a sudden his foot slipped & he was left hanging with one hand

He tried to hold on, but he was not strong enough, all too quickly he started to fall

Well Gnomez raced up, we can run fast did you know

She closed her eyes, & with all her concentration & will inside

She thrust the air his way, then she called the wind under him

He started to fall slower, by the time he was almost to the ground

She flipped him up, & he landed on his feet

So, now you know, if you could keep this secret to yourself, that would be grand.

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